First Assignment on "The Medieval World-View"

Listen to, and study, 

the first lecture on The Medieval World-View

     While listening to, and making notes on, this lecture, make sure
you are looking at the handouts, or Web Pages that accompany this
lecture (and the next two lectures as well): 

The Social Hierarchy;

The Universal Hierarchy; and 

the Ptolemaic Theory of the Universe.

     Please print these out and use them as "handouts." Also, bring
them to class as well.

          You will need to complete 

the set-up for Streaming Audio.

     Or, you may use either of the computer labs DI-277 (when it is
free -- there are classes in it, too) or DI-281.

     THIS IS A REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT. The fact that it is over the
Internet doesn't mean it is "optional" or "extra."