Exhibit 1:  Photo essay of NC A&T

One of the most exciting components of 2 Live Class was the technology-enhanced connection of two very esteemed, yet culturally very different, institutions.  North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is the subject of this photo essay, completed by a student who participated in 2 Live Class. NC A&T has a rich and proud history as a historically African-American, state-supported university. In the year 2000, approximately 6,850 undergraduates and 700 graduate students were enrolled in various degree programs. 89% of the student body was African-American, 8% Caucasian, and the remaining 3% listed themselves as “other.” The average incoming freshman SAT score was 897. We include this exhibit (and its companion, Exhibit 2, on Guilford College) to provide a visual context for the technology-enabled inter-institutional collaboration that figured prominently in 2 Live Class.


NC A&T Photo Essay
Text and photos by Tyrone Lewis
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