From Neil Cooper (

Name: Neil Cooper


Director, Planning
Christchurch College of Education
Christchurch, New Zealand

Educational details:

BSc in Pure Maths/Statistics from the University of Canterbury (UofC) followed by Diploma of Teaching at what was then Christchurch Teachers College. Went back to UofC to complete a MCom(Hons) in Economics.


Started as a secondary school teacher, teaching in Wellington and Christchurch. Moved to Christchurch Teachers College (now Christchurch College of Education) as a lecturer in commerce followed by a brief stint as an economics lecturer at UofC then back to the college as head of the commerce department in 1989. Appointed to my current position as Director, Planning at the college in 1990 in time for the interesting reforms in tertiary education.

My job concentrates on strategic and academic planning plus the coordination of all professional matters (including professional services) across the college. This makes for an interesting mix of responsibility for research, academic quality systems, Academic Board, library, educational technology, childcare centre, all international activities, marketing, student selection, timetabling etc. No time but all the responsibility ...

I also have my own business selling educational resources to schools and office supplies to businesses and schools, although these days it is more of a hobby than a fully-fledged business.

Hobbies etc:

I play squash and seem to remember skiing regularly before workloads built up. I have a passion for computing although these days it is more as a user than anything else. I read a great deal, largely for relaxation. I also love travelling, especially overseas, and particularly where I can enjoy authentic asian food.

I'm looking forward to the day when I have everything planned to the stage where I don't have to do things at what appears to be the last minute or in reaction to someone else's changes.

See you at the conference (unless someone else changes something).