From: maisters@ADMIN.CHCHP.AC.NZ

Very brief and hastily written biographical notes on Selwyn Maister

Educational background.....chemistry graduate/post grad from University of Canterbury, NZ, followed by D Phil at Oxford University, UK in Chem/Biochem on a Rhodes Scholarship (1969-72). Short Course/self taught in all new areas since then (teaching, computing developments, management).

Employment......worked at ChCh Polytechnic since 1973 with a couple of major breaks away on exchange and on a fellowship. Tutor, Head of Dept of Science and Computing and currently Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Other Interests. Mad(?) keen on sport and attended 3 Olympics in my more youthful days as a hockey (field variety) player thus could be easily distracted during the 3 days. Also a keen tramper, gardener (plenty` of scope with my 2 acres at home!) and enjoy good wine......especially reds. Great to read (perhaps it's selective reading) how red wines help to keep the cholesterol at bay!!

Looking forward to meeting you all and having 3 days away from the mayhem in this office

Selwyn Maister