From: (Jon Mason)

Jon Mason
Information Technology Manager
Faculty of Education, The University of Melbourne
Parkville, Victoria 3052 AUSTRALIA
tel: +61 3 9344 8423
fax: +61 3 9344 8391

Qualifications: BA, Grad Dip Cont Mus Tech, MA (Cog Sc)

Jon Mason is currently IT Manager for the Faculty of Education at The University of Melbourne . He has worked in IT management since 1992 and in IT support since 1989. While in his current position he has designed and delivered professional development programmes for teachers which bring together skills and literacies associated with information technology and education. His interest in IT is both managerial and academic and he has commenced Phd candidature in the area of online delivery of professional development for educators. He is an active advocate in developing online systems as an enhancement to traditional university education and has played a key role in leading the university's Online Education Interest Group. He has also initiated collaboration between the Faculty of Education and the University of London aimed at providing joint delivery of a Certificate in Online Education and Training (October 1996).

Jon has also recently played a leading role in conference organization which is concerned with IT-I*EARN 95 (The University of Melbourne), Weblink Indonesia 96 (Jakarta), and EdTech 96 (The University of Melbourne). He is currently on the organising committee for 'The Virtual University?', a two-day symposium to be held at The University of Melbourne during November 1996.

He has also worked as a computer music teacher for two years at Scotch College in Melbourne and for several years as a private music teacher, co-founding his own music school in northern NSW. He has also managed a small mixed farm and was Executive Director of an agroforestry company for two years.

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