If you don't have NetMeeting:

For information and to download the software, go to: The Microsoft NetMeeting Home

To ensure that NetMeeting is set up properly:

Click on the Directory Icon in the left-hand column.
(If you do not see the icon, go to the View menu, and make sure Navigation Icons is checked.)
Directory Icon

Server Menu On the top left of the listing, the Server box should read "". If it does not, click on the arrow to view the drop-down menu, and choose the correct server.

If you are using a browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will need to join the conference manually, rather than through the link on the Horizon main page.
Get Internet Explorer


To Join the Conference Manually:

In the directory listing window (now the main window, if you have been following the above instructions), find James Morrison, and double-click on the entry. Clicking on a Name

The program will ask you "The person you called is in a meeting. Would you like to try to join the meeting?" Click Yes.

The NetMeeting session will open with a guided tour of On the Horizon 5:6.

When you join the conference, a window should open up containing Internet Explorer.  (Please note you will not be able to work within this window, as the moderator, James Morrison, will be controlling it.)  The moderator will take you on a virtual tour of the issue, via NetMeeting's option to share applications. Note: this will be a silent tour, as audio and video in NetMeeting 2.1 works only between to stations.

Following this will be the discussion portion of the meeting. You should send your questions and comments directly to the moderator:

Chat Button If the Chat window does not open automatically, click on Chat to view the questions and answers.

To send a question to the moderator, choosing "James Morrison" in the Send to: menu, then enter your text in the Message box. Send To menu

The moderator will then send one question at a time to the authors or participants.  He may also choose to throw a question open to all participants. 

Chat Window, Message Box To answer a question so that all participants will view your response, choose "Everyone in chat" from the Send to: menu, and enter your text in the Message box.

During the meeting, please refrain from opening any additional Chat or Whiteboard windows, or Sharing other applications, as this will be extremely distracting to other participants.

The session will conclude at 1pm EST, and we will use the File Transfer option of NetMeeting to send the articles in the November/December 1997 issue to all NetMeeting participants.

File transfer will take a few minutes.  Speed of transfer is dictated by the slowest connection present; please be patient.


If the server is busy and will not let you log on:

Unfortunately, there is a limit on how many people may participate in a NetMeeting.  If you cannot join, please send e-mail to Lorelei Feldman so that we will have some idea of how many people would like to participate in future meetings.


If you'd like to know more:

For general information on NetMeeting, there is a tutorial at
Microsoft NetMeeting Quick Tutorial.

For information specific to Horizon conferences, send mail to

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