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As noted above, the specific requirements of the course are to prepare an annotated bibliography for each step of the planning process (external analysis, internal analysis, strategic direction, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation), prepare at least 15-20 environmental scanning abstracts that may be used in the simulation exercise portion of the course and participate effectively as a member of the planning team in a simulated educational organization.

Grades will be based on the following proportions:

Environmental scanning abstracts 20%
Annotated bibliography 20%
Plan 60%

Grades will follow the Graduate School's definition: an "H" represents genuinely superior performance; a "P" represents that quality of work normally expected of graduate students at this university; an "L" represents an assessment that the quality of work examined is below expectations; and "F" represents an assessment of doubt that the student can improve the quality of work to the point of successful completion of a degree program. Usually, a student receiving a grade below "P" will be given the option of revising it to improve the grade to "P." Incompletes will not convert to a grade higher than "P" unless the incomplete is based upon illness or similarly unpredictable personal or family event.