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Beverly Browne

Beverly F. Browne received her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1987. She received a teaching assignment with Durham County Schools. Beverly taught first grade for two years at Holt Elementary and second grade for six years at Southwest Elementary.

Professional Development
She served as the Minority Affairs Chairperson in 1989 for the Durham Association of Educators. Beverly also was a Department Chair for second and third grade for five years. During this time she served as the Performance Based Accountability Plan Chairperson and also coordinated the Southern Association Committee. She served as the Science Liaison Teacher for Southwest Elementary for two years. She also was the coach for the Black History Quiz Bowl Team which won two years in a row.
Beverly has had many rewarding experiences with her job as a teacher. She has attended NCCAT, which is an academy for teacher development and growth. She has also attended Teachers Academy which allowed for a week of collaboration with teachers from various grade levels and subjects.
Beverly has actively sought professional growth as a teacher. She has been trained in using the TPAI appraisal instrument and has also been a mentor teacher.
She also has worked to help other teacher's professional growth by being a trainer of Dimensions in Learning. Beverly has done workshops on innovations in whole language.
She is certified to teach students with learning disabilities and is working on a certificate in teaching academically gifted students.

In 1992 Beverly was the Teacher of the Year for Southwest Elementary. She then was chosen as one of four finalists for the Durham Public Schools Teacher of the Year.

Beverly enjoys reading especially books by African American authors such as J. California Cooper and Alice Walker. She enjoys playing board games such as Monopoly but her favorite game is Taboo. Beverly enjoys dancing and doing aerobic exercise.
Mostly she enjoys life and experiencing each day with excitement and gratitude. She believes that education is very worthwhile and would like to be able to make a difference in young children's lives.
Future Goals:
She would like to open her own school wihich would service about 100 students.
They would be of various grade levels and abilities.