UNC School of Education
Chapel Hill, NC

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1969 - Graduated from Concord College, Athens, WV. BS in Biology and Natural Science.

1972 - Graduated from West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV. MA in Secondary Education.

1974 - 1990 - Continued studies in education at Center for Graduate Studies, Institute, WV.

1995 -1996 - First year Ed.D. student in Educational Leadership at UNC, Chapel Hill, NC.


1969-1980 - Teacher at Herndon High School, Herndon WV, teaching biology, chemistry, and physics.

1980-1982 - Teacher at Mullens High School, Mullens, WV teaching biology I and II.

1982-1990 - Teacher at Stratton Jr. High School, Beckley, WV, Dept. Chair and teaching physical and earth science. 1989-90 Teacher of

1990-1995 - Teacher at Cummings High School, Burlington, NC, teaching Advanced Placement and college prep biology.

1992-1995 - Part-time instructor at Alamance Community College, Graham, NC, teaching introductory biology to nursing students.


1995 - Summer High School Teaching Fellow at the Duke Arthritis Center, Duke University Research Hospital, Durham, NC. Developed a laboratory exercise for publication on identifying organisms from blood stains.

1994-1995 - Developed and wrote curriculum for the implementation of a biotechnology program at Cummings High School. The purpose was to prepare students for employment in the scientific laboratory or to enhance the knowledge of students wishing to pursue a scientific field of study at the post-secondary level. Implementation of the program will begin in 1996.