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13 Introduction

  • Orientation to the course
  • Setting up e-mail accounts
  • Using the EDSP 287 listserv
  • Subscribing to Horizon List and one other list (when you have your e-mail account)
  • Environmental scanning
  • Your Web site
  • Forming  issue analysis teams

Assignment for January 27

  1. Review abstracts posted by your colleagues last year.
  2. Review past issues of On the Horizon.
  3. Identify 3-5 emerging trends, potential events, or issues that can affect the future of public education. Post your statements to your section's listserv by noon, January 23.
  4. Read the trend, event, and/or issue statements posted to the listserv by your colleagues.
  5. Write one abstract on an emerging issue, trend, or potential event challenging education. Post your abstract to your folder in the EDSP 287 folder on the SOE fileserver by high noon, January 23. I will give you feedback on these abstracts no later than noon, January 27. Please revise in accordance with my critique, which will include my recommendation as to posting your abstract to Horizon List (where it may very well draw a response; some 1,000 people from around the world subscribe to Horizon List). In any event, you are also to post the final abstract to your Website by February 3; I will link to it from Horizon Home Page so that it will appear in the EDSP 287 section of that page.
  6. Review the paper "Internet Technology Overview."
  7. Review the paper "Anticipatory Management Tools for the 21st Century."

20 Martin Luther King Remembrance; no class

27 Identifying issues challenging education

  • Please sit with your issue team members. We will begin our discussion of the critical issues facing education by reviewing the list of statements posted to the listserv. Our objective is to identify tentative issue analysis paper topics for each team.


    Assignments for February 3

    1. Revise and be prepared to post your abstract to your folder
    2. Write a 1-2 page resume that you would present to a prospective employer; be prepared to post it to your folder and to your Web site

    3 Using the World Wide Web

    • The Internet and the World Wide Web
    • Developing your Web site
    • Using Web search engines
    • Note: we will meet in Smallwood Lab for this class. In preparation, review both on- line directions, and directions in the EDSP 287 Instructions folder (on the EDSP 287 folder) on the SOE fileserver, on how to develop your Web page and upload documents to it.


    1. Post your revised abstract to your folder on the SOE fileserver
    2. Post your biographical sketch to your Web page
    3. Post your picture to your Web page (your photo will be in your folder on the SOE fileserver)

    10 Using the World Wide Web (cont.)

    • We will meet in Smallwood lab for this class. Sit with your issue analysis team members. Use Internet search engines to find information pertaining to the elements of your issue analysis

    17 Developing draft issue analysis papers

    • Team work time. You may use the classroom, Smallwood lab, or a place of your choosing. This is face-to-face time; I assume that you are using email to communicate between classes. If your team is not meeting in the classroom or in the lab, please let me know the location where you will meet. I want to be available to you during this period; expect a visit.

    24 Developing draft issue analysis papers (cont.)

    • Still team work time. Please let me know where you are meeting. By the conclusion of this class, teams will post their issue analysis drafts to their folders in the EDSP 287 folder on the SOE fileserver. I will assign critics for each draft, and will post critique assignments to the section list by the end of class. Critiques are to be completed by high noon, March 3 (use the revision function under the tools menu; complete your critique in green; I'll do mine in red).


    3 Revise issue analysis drafts

    • Most of the class will be on a field trip. For those who remain, you can use the lab to continue working on your papers.

    10 Spring Break

    17 Continue paper revision/Prepare for Issue Analysis Presentation

    • We will meet in Smallwood Lab.
    • Complete a robust draft of your issue analysis paper and develop the outline for your presentation by COB. I will assign reviewers to papers by the end of class. Place team papers in folders; identify the folder by paper name or by authors last names. For the paper you are to critique, go into the folder, open the file, go to the tools menu, revisions, click all three boxes, open the options dialogue box, select green as your edit color. Review the criteria for writing critiques in the evaluation section of they syllabus. When you have completed the critique, save the file now identified with the title and a / and your initials. Note: each paper will have several reviewers; to keep your folder tidy, have a folder for first draft edits for reviewers to insert their files into when they have completed their task. Critiques (including mine) are due by COB 24 March. My review of each team's paper will be in the team's folder with a /jm at the end of the file name. (By COB March 31 I will give you my evaluation of your critique by inserting the paper file with your review in your folder; the end of the file will have a /jm on it.)

    24 Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations (cont)

    • We will meet in Smallwood Lab.
    • Prepare a draft text outline of your presentation. We will focus on the essentials of using PowerPoint for effective presentations.

    31 Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations/Revise Issue Analysis Papers (cont)


    7 Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations/Revise Issue Analysis Papers (cont)

    • We will meet in Smallwood Lab.

    14 Issue Analysis Presentations

    • We will meet in the classroom. Each team will have 15 minutes for their presentation.
    • Revised papers ready for formative evaluation are due in team folders by COB April 16. Identify the file by title/rev.

    21 Posting of Issue Analysis Papers to Horizon Home Page

    • Meet in Smallwood Lab.
    • I will have the evaluation of team papers in team folders by noon on April 21. The file will be identified by title/rev/jm.
    • All team papers, all abstracts, and all resumes are to be posted to personal web sites by end of class.