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13 Introduction

  • Orientation to the course
  • Setting up e-mail accounts
  • Using the EDSP 287 listserv
  • Subscribing to Horizon List and one other list (when you have your e-mail account)
  • Environmental scanning
  • Your Web site
  • Forming  issue analysis teams


  1. Review past issues of On the Horizon (You have a complimentary subscription to OTH On-Line)
  2. Review the paper, Internet Technology Overview.
  3. Review the paper, Finding Information on the Web.
  4. Review the papers, Anticipatory Management Tools for the 21st Century and Anticipatory Management: Tools for Better Decision Making
  5. Get familiar with the resources in OTH On-Line and the Horizon Web site.
  6. Identify 3-5 emerging trends, potential events, or issues that can affect the future of public education. Post your statements to the listserv before noon, January 20.
  7. Begin preparing your environmental scanning abstract

20 Identifying issues challenging education

Post your scanning abstract to the class folder on the Horizon server or send it to the list (and I will post it). I will post my critique of your abstract by the beginning of the next class on February 3. We will begin our class discussion of the critical issues facing education by reviewing the list of statements posted to the listserv; we may also ask you to describe the issue, trend, or event covered in your scanning abstract. Our objective is to identify tentative issue analysis paper topics.

If there is time in class, begin learning how to use FrontPage via the CBT courseware on the lab computers. Complete this module before February 3.

Between now and the next class (February 3), prepare a 1-2 page resume that you would present to a prospective employer.


3 Using the WWW

  1. Establish your Web page.
  2. Post your resume to your Web page. Note: we will take your photo if you wish to include it in your resume.
  3. Establish a Web page for your issue analysis team. Identify team members (with links to team member bios).

10 Using the World Wide Web (cont.)

  • Post your revised scanning abstract to your Web page.
  • Use Internet search engines to find information pertaining to the elements of your issue analysis.

17 Developing draft issue analysis papers

  • Team work time.

24 Developing draft issue analysis papers (cont.)

  • Still team work time to work on issue analysis papers.


3    Revise issue analysis drafts

By the conclusion of this class, teams will post their issue analysis drafts to their Web site.  I will assign critics for each draft, and will post critique assignments to the list by the end of class. Critiques are to be completed by high noon, March 16 (use the revision function under the tools menu).

10    Spring Break

17   Continue Paper revision/Prepare for Issue Analysis Presentation

Complete a robust draft of your issue analysis paper and develop the outline for your presentation by COB.

24   Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations (cont)

Prepare a draft text outline of your presentation. Post your second draft of the issue analysis paper to the team web page by COB.

31   Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations

We will focus on the essentials of using PowerPoint for effective presentations. Complete the CBT courseware program (on the Lab computers) on Microsoft PowerPoint.


7   Prepare Issue Analysis Presentations/Revise Issue Analysis Papers (cont)

Review the paper on presenting presentations as you continue to prepare your presentation.

14   Issue Analysis Presentations

We will meet in room 212. Each team will have 30 minutes per presentation. We will then have 15-20 minutes for class discussion and critique of presentation.

21   Issue Analysis Presentations (cont.)

We will meet in room 212 to complete presentations. Each team will have 30 minutes per presentation. We will then have 15-20 minutes for class discussion and critique of presentation.

28   Wrap-Up

We will wrap-up any presentations not completed. Final issue analysis papers are to be posted to the Web by close of class.