Exhibit 11.2. Listservs in the STEEP Sectors

To subscribe to a listserv, send a message to the listserv (or listproc). Do not put anything in the subject field. In the message field, type "subscribe" (without the quotes), the name of the list, then your name. Do not type a period after your name. For example, to subscribe to the Academy for Global Communication and Education list, type the following message to listproc@hawaii.edu: subscribe ACE-L (yourfirstname) (yourlastname).


Academy for Global Communication and Education (ACE-L; listproc@hawaii.edu). The purpose of this listserv is to develop global classrooms and to encourage collaborative global-local educational projects and experiences. It may thus be considered as a mutual exploitation society of kindred spirits to promote global learning.

American Association for Higher Education (AAHESGIT; listproc@list.cren.net). This moderated list focuses on the problems/issues/methods of incorporating technology in teaching.

Institute for Academic Technology (iatforum; listserv@unc.edu) focuses on the use of technology in instruction.

World-Wide Web in Education (wwwedu; listserv@k12.cnidr.org) is a list for teachers, academics, web designers, students, and concerned citizens to voice their opinions and suggestions on how to better develop the Web as a pedagogical instrument.


Edupage (edupage; listproc@educom.unc.edu), a summary of news items on information technology, is provided three times each week as a service by Educom, a Washington, D.C.-based consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking to transform education through the use of information technology.

Innovation (innovation; innovation-request@NewsScancom) offers a weekly summary of trends, strategies, and innovations in business and technology. This listserv requires a $15 subscription (but gives a six-week trial).

The Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE; rre-request@weber.ucsd.edu) is a mailing list focusing on topics relating to the social and political aspects of computing and networking.

The FASTnet list (FASTnet; majordomo@igc.apc.org) is intended primarily for addressing issues in U.S. science and technology politics that cross-cut or transcend the concerns of groups that are organized to address a single substantive area (such as telecommunications policy, environmental racism, defense conversion, biotechnology, health research, workplace issues, etc.).


Futurework (futurework; listserv@csf.colorado.edu), focuses "on the new realities created by economic globalization and technological change."


Environment, Technology and Society (envtecsoc; listproc@csf.colorado.edu) was established by the Environment and Technology Section of the American Sociological Association.


The Politics of Science and Technology (pol-sci-tech; majordomo@igc.apc.org) is oriented toward discussing and advancing democratic politics of science and technology anywhere in the world.

Public Opinion Research (por@listserv.unc.edu; listserv@unc.edu) is an on-line discussion list for academics and professionals interested in public opinion research. This list focuses on brief postings of recent poll results, announcements of research projects, and methodological and substantive queries.