Experimenting With the OTH Format
by James L. Morrison

[Note: This is a re-formatted manuscript that was originally published in On the Horizon, 1994, 1(4), 3-4. It is posted here with permission from Jossey Bass Publishers.]

As you will note, we are continuing to experiment with our format. In this edition, we have changed our cover and have added an issues management section, called The Situation Room. Richard Heydinger, who has been involved with an issues management program at the University of Minnesota for some time, begins with an explanation of issues management and illustrates Minnesota's use of the tool vis--vis the animal rights issue.

We are also experimenting with our STEEP section. In this and in subsequent editions, Asterios Kefalas, Professor of Management at the University of Georgia, will summarize a number of trends in the economic sector and their implications. He uses an essay format, as opposed to the abstracts-of-articles-with-implications format, as is the case of the other sectors in this section.

We are in the process of appointing editors for each of the STEEP sectors. The objective is to assign experts to assume responsibility for their particular sector in each edition. We strive to meet the quality movement's motto: continuous improvement. Our vision in that On the Horizon will be considered "must" reading for leaders in higher education. We ask you to let us know how we are doing, and to give us suggestions for improvement.

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