Focus on Professional Schools
Focus on Professional Schools

Early Childhood/Elementary
Incorporating Electronic Technology into a Distance Learning Course
Phyllis B. Oakes

Expanding Class Discussions Beyond the Classroom Walls
Susan M. Powers and Karen M. Dutt

Educational Leadership
The Social Context of Educational Leadership
James L. Morrison

Evaluation: The Social Context of Educational Leadership
Ed Neal

Health Care Education
On-Line Interactive Computer-Assisted Learning
Alan J. Cann

Discussion Forums as a Learning Tool in a Graduate Course
Sheila P. Englebardt

Taking Higher Education into the Future: Web-Based Learning and Other Technologies
Robert Hawk Geeslin

From Comprehension to Retention and Application in Molecular Biology for Medical Students
Harry R. Matthews

Library Science
Course on a Diskette: Using HTML for Course Materials
Russell Dennison

Teaming Up with the Computer Center to Develop Multimedia Library Instruction
Patricia F. Vander Meer and Galen E. Rike

Pre-Service Teacher Education
Strategies for the Integration of Technology into Teacher Education Programs
Eddie Hinnant and Linda Oliva

Computer-Mediated Communication Projects as Early-Field Experiences for Pre-Service Teachers
Andrea E. Mayer

Tutoring on the Internet
C. M. Zenanko and F. L. King

Social and Philosophical Foundations
Lessons from a CyberGuide
Rodney P. Riegle

Integrating Progressive Education into Technology-Based Distance Learning
James L. Spira