Focus on Science and Mathematics
Focus on Science and Mathematics

Biology and Genetics
The Studio Genetics and Evolution Course
Harry Roy

Computers in Biology Lab: An Integrated Approach
Dierk Seeburg

Teaching Chemistry on the Internet
Daonian Liu, David W. Brooks, and Jim L. Walter

Using the Network as an Integral Part of the Curriculum: You Can Walk Before You Run
Joseph S. Merola

Use of Computers and Computer Networks in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory and Lecture
Maria Pacheco

Using Presentation Software for General Chemistry Lectures
Harry E. Pence

Computer Science and Technology
Solving Some Problems of University Education: A Case Study
David Jones

Living and Working on the Internet: Using the Internet as a Research Tool
Ed Klonoski

Outcome Analysis of Distance Learning: A Comparison Between Conventional and Independent Study Instruction
Richard F. Walters and Nancy E. Reed

Geography and Earth Science
Multimedia in Geographic Education: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
John Krygier, Catherine Reeves, Jason Cupp, and David DiBiase

Conversion of a Mathematics Course to Tutor-Supported Computer-Assisted Flexible Learning
Robin Shaw

Meteorology and Materials Science
The Web: A Classroom Sans Walls
Alistair B. Fraser

Adventures on the Multimedia Teaching Frontier: A Narrative
John C. Russ