Focus on the Social Sciences
Focus on the Social Sciences

Economics and Business
Using the World Wide Web in a Community College Classroom: A Web Exploration Assignment
Joseph Codde

Experiences Developing a Teaching-Related Internet Infrastructure
Richard Hannah

Spreadsheet as a Teaching Tool for Managerial Accounting and Decision Analysis
Shu S. Liao

Balancing the Federal Budget: Teaching with an Interactive Web Simulation
Donald E. Lifton

Large Scale Conferencing for Inexpert Users
David Mercer

Technology and Instructor in Higher Education
Carolyn E. Predmore

Going Virtual: What to Bring Along from the Face-To-Face Classroom and LAN Computer Classroom
John A. Sorrentino

Developing a World Wide Web Course: An Overview
Ingolf Vogeler

A Pretrial Litigation Course with Technology
Andrew Schepard and Eric M. Freedman

Political Science
A Content-Based Approach to Internet Literacy
Dana Ward and Julia Karet

Sociology and
Teaching and Computers in the Anthropology Classroom
J. F. Hamill and L. F. Marchant

The Electronic Reserve Shelf: Using the World Wide Web as a Teaching Resource
Manfred Kuechler

Using Electronic Mail Discussion Groups to Enhance Students' Critical Thinking Skills
Rik Scarce