William D. Graziadei, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

Bill is a Professor of Biology at SUNY Plattsburgh in the Department of Biological Sciences. He received is PhD from Boston College in 1970 and did post-doctoral work at Yale University from 1970-1973 in the Department of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry. He joined the faculty at SUNY Plattsburgh in 1972. From 1979-1992 he served as Director of the In Vitro Cell Biology & Biotechnology Program at SUNY Plattsburgh/W. H. Miner Research Institute. He was the recipient of the 1978 Chancellor's Award For Excellence in Teaching. In addition to teaching courses in Immunology, Virology and Telecommunicating Biology, he assists the university community to use as well as realize the benefits of computing technology in research, education, service and teaching. Bill is the director of the VICE (Virtual Instructional Collaborative Environment) in REST (Research, Education, Service and Teaching) project. In 1994 he was recognized by former Provost and Interim SUNY Chancellor Joseph C. Burke for innovative use of technology in Dr. Burke's keynote speech at FACT CIT '94 (Faculty Access to Computing Technologies). I have recently written a chap ter on networking and use of technology in the classroom for the anthology Computer Networking and Scholarship in the 21st Century University edited by Teresa M. Harrison and Timothy D. Stephen which was published by the SUNY Press in 1996. In addition, manuscripts co-authored with Gillian McCombs, Director of Technical Services at the University at Albany entitled, "Wiring the Trenches: Teaching Faculty and Librarians Working Together on the Internet" and "The 21 st Century Classroom Scholarship Environment: What will it be like?" were presented at various conferences and published in the Reference Librarian and Journal of Educational Technology respectively. Also, see Building Asynchronous & Synchronous Teaching-Learning Environments: Exploring a Course/Classroom Management System Solution which has been accepted for inclusion in the ERIC database and a Case Study which was presented at the University of Maryland's IUC/IDE's Workshop 97. Currently he works 1/3 time for SUNY Plattsburgh as a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and 2/3 time as Faculty Technology Consultant for the SUNY Office of Educational Technology and the Center for Professional Development in Technology.

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