Towards a Practical and Sustainable Instructional Paradigm: A Futurist's Perspective
James L. Morrison

Innovation 2008
Breckenridge, CO
April 14-15, 2008

Education is in the midst of a major transition that will fundamentally change the way educational organizations conduct their business in the coming decades. Although change in social institutions is seldom rapid, the combined forces of demography, globalization, economic restructuring, and information technology are forcing educational organizations to reconceptualize their markets, organizational structures, and pedagogical practices. This presentation focuses on these forces and projects how educational organizations may have evolved in 2020. In addition, Morrison describes a futures approach to organization and faculty development that educational leaders can use to engage faculty members in thinking about the future and its implications for their schools, their students, and their careers.

This presentation is based on an article published in The Futures Research Quarterly. A video of the presentation is available.



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