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You are welcome to use (or link to) any of the instructional materials and resources on this page. Please send your suggestions for links to other instructional resource sites to We want to make this page a valuable resource for teachers and students.

Guides to Search Engines
Links to resources dealing with search engines are found on this Horizon site page.
Searching the Web (Eisenhower Clearinghouse)
Searching the Web is designed to help you search the web more effectively.
Internet Training Resources
This page provides a list of online resources for those who are new to the Internet and need a primer.
How to Be a Good Citizen of the Internet
It is important to understand the implicit and explicit rules of the Internet. Here are some links that explain "Netiquette."
"Internet 101" Internet Textbook
This site provides general information about the Internet.
Evaluation of Information Resources
This page contains criteria for evaluating Internet information sources. It is especially intended for librarians and others who are selecting sites to in an information resource guide.
A Primer on Digital Literacy
This essay is adapted from the book, Digital Literacy, by Paul Gilster, discusses evaluating the veracity of information found online.
Evaluating Internet Research Sources
This is a guide for evaluating online sources.
Evaluating Web Resources
This page provides along list of links to resources on evaluating web resources.
Evaluating Web Sites for Educational Uses (bibliography)

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