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You are welcome to use (or link to) any of the instructional materials and resources on this page. Please send your suggestions for links to other instructional resource sites to We want to make this page a valuable resource for teachers and students.

"101 Things You Can Do the First Three Weeks of Class"
This site, hosted by the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, provides general advice on planning and teaching a college course.
A Template for Converting Classroom Courses to Distributed, Asynchronous Courses
This resource offers tips for converting a regular class to a technology-mediated student-directed one.
New Chalk:A Bi-Weekly Featuring Instructors' Use of Networked Technologies
The bi-weekly newsletter, New Chalk, explores uses and applications of networked instructional technologies.
The Center for Teaching and Learning
This is the web site for the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at the University of North Carolina. It includes various education-related resources.
Tips on Creating an Effective Presentation
This online tutorial focuses on developing effective oral and visual presentations.
Evaluating Web Sites for Educational Uses (bibliography)
Archive Builders
This resource provides information helpful for managing data, including conversion from paper records to digital files.

Web Tools Newsletter
This site provides tips and resources for evaluating the credibility of websites.

Inspiration Lane
This site is an online magazine for all levels of ESOL, ESL and EFL classes. The daily readings and interactive language activities provide a free, fun and encouraging experience for students learning English.

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