Anticipating the Future of Higher Education
James L. Morrison, Workshop Facilitator

Analysis of the External Environment

This workshop focuses on an analysis of the external environment of American colleges and universities and the implications of this analysis for Winthrop University. Please review the agenda (which outlines the program) and the paper, Strategic Management in the Context of Global Change (Morrison & Wilson, 1996), which describes the planning model used for the workshop. After reading the program and paper, please nominate at least one trend and one event. We will use these nominations to begin each of these sections in the workshop.

Note: we encourage all browsers to participate in nominating trends that define the context of American higher education and potential events that are on the horizon that would, if they occur, affect the future of U.S. colleges and universities. You are encouraged to use the agenda, program, and planning model (with appropriate citation) to assist your own organization to plan more effectively for the future.

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