Vice-Chancellor's Futures Group

Meeting Report

1 November 1995 C6 12 noon - 1.30 pm

Present: Bruce Ross, Roger Field, Dan Sauers, Neil Gow, Sally-Ann Fraser, Debbie Francis

Apologies: Warwick Scott, Andrew Sykes, Steve Wratten, Coralie Campbell, Bob Gidlow, Allan Sargison

The Format of the Meeting: (Agenda attached)

Those present applied a decision checklist to the issues raised by or on behalf of scanning group convenors. On the basis of the prioritisations obtained by this means, issues were then assigned for further analysis and action. Issues and issue assignments are illustrated below.

The Issues Presented and Assigned:

Raised by Assigned to Form of Output Date next reported and to whom
Given the projected changes in the nature of the student clientele of the future - Will LU be able to meet the needs of this different looking group? Client needs

scanning group




Discussion paper for all staff on projected nature of clientele

Tabled next meeting VCFG with a view to making recommendations and follow-up
An opportunity exists to differentiate Lincoln from its competitors by investing in recreational activities on campus. Do the benefits of this enhanced offering outweigh the costs? " Issues Team to be recruited by Sally-Ann Fraser. To include Neil Gow, Dir. Student Services, & CRC representative Critical path for report procedures

To produce a set of recommendations and some preliminary costings

To be reported to next meeting VCFG

To Mgt Forum in early 1996

Raised by Assigned to Form of Output Date next reported and to whom
There is a trend in many developed economies towards an oversupply of certain graduates. Does Lincoln have a responsibility to maximise its students' career prospects, or should these 'buyers beware'? Client Needs

Scanning Group

Consensus of the

brief of APDs and

through corporate


group was that this

management forum, and

research and in


issue is already part of the brief of

is currently being addressed, both

corporate planning and

How can we use present and emerging multimedia technologies in the delivery of student programmes? Information Technology



Information Technology scanning group (which includes multi-media appointee) Specifications for pilots to be drafted

Pilots to occur at discretion of multi-media appointee

For next mtg VCFG

Reported to Mgt Forum mid 1996

How do we finance technological developments? Information Technology Scanning Group Information Technology Scanning Group to function as issues team To produce a set of recommendations in report form To be tabled at next meeting

For next mtg VCFG and then subsequently Mgt Forum

How do we maximise benefits from course/software developments? Information Technology scanning group Information Technology scanning group as an issues team Set up research team with multimedia appointee, business planner and senior management representative to report back to Mgt Forum by end of 1996 To report brief to next mtg VCFG

Final report end 1996

How will LU respond to the twin issues of "accountability" and "responsibility" as they relate to personal/institutional productivity? It is possible to find ways to increase our productivity dramatically and still retain the quality of our service? Or is the quality that we perceive largely an illusion? Business scanning group Dan Sauers For production of discussion paper on Teaching Portfolios

Article on productivity in tertiary sector to be researched and written by individual designated by SMG

For next meeting

Article brief to be presented at next meeting

Raised by Assigned to Form of Output Date next reported and to whom
What alternate futures for rural production and science disciplines exist? Rural Production

and Science group

A Sykes and D Francis 2 scenarios to be written - based on issues identified in scanning process. For distribution to all staff in Division with accompanying questions To be tabled at next VCFG
What configuration could an internationally based and globally 'portable' agriculture and science curriculum take? " Rural Production and Science scanning group To produce a set of suggestions for discussion by Mgt Forum Tabled at next VCFG

Referred to February mtg of Mgt Forum

What are the likely trends in the public sector with regard to prevailing notions of efficiency, which drive reform? Current preoccupations with technical efficiency, for example, may be replaced in the future by a greater concern with allocative efficiency. The implications of such paradigm shifts for the tertiary sector need to be drawn out. Public policy scanning group Public policy scanning group To develop and cost a brief for a commissioned report To be presented to next meeting
What types of risk most apply to the tertiary sector? Risk will be examined from the perspectives of tertiary owners, (the Crown), consumers of tertiary services and tertiary managers. Public Policy scanning group Futures Analyst To produce a paper for discussion by Mgt Forum in Feb/March Progress to be reported at the next mtg of the VCFG

Recommendations re Format of Future Meetings:

1 The decision- analysis checklist should be applied impressionistically, rather than rigorously.

2 Each convenor to bring one issue to the meeting, rather than several.

3 A preliminary meeting should be held between Convenors and the Futures Analyst in order to discuss issue overlap and to refine suggestions regarding issue ownership.

Next Meeting Wednesday February 7 1996 10 am - 12 noon Venue to be advised

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