A host of colleagues who willingly gave large amounts of time and energy to provide feedback and criticize early drafts assisted the authors in this enterprise. We would like to thank George Keller (Barton-Gillet Company), Ted Marchese (AAHE), Robert Cope (Washington), Richard Heydinger and Jim Hearn (Minnesota), Marvin Kornblum (Congressional Research Service), Guy Siebold, Doug MacPherson, and Bill Haythorn (Army Research Institute), Paul Fendt, Bruce Sigmon, John Goode, Curtis McLaughlin, Tim Sanford, Pat Sanford, Warren Bannuch, and Sherry Morrison (UNC-Chapel Hill), Karen Peterson (North Carolina State University), Michael Marian (World Future Society), Lewis Perelman (consultant), Deloris Burke and John Rider (Duke), Jim Pierce and Linda Pratt (North Carolina Central University), Dan Ruff (Midlands Technical College), Phil Winstead (Furman), and Tom Mecca (Piedmont Technical College). The authors, of course, assume responsibility for the final product.

James L. Morrison, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
William L. Renfro, Washington, D.C.
Wayne I. Boucher, Harbor City, California